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100% Pure Milk Used – No Powder!

Our Story

An ever increasing demand in the face of non-existent supply of fine delicacies in traditional Indian sweets, Aggarwal Sweets Ltd. was set up to prepare and make available to the connoisseur public of Indian origin in Canada, extra fine sweets, prepared in pure desi ghee. Aggarwal Sweets uses only pure ingredients of utmost quality in the preparation of these delicacies.

Although there is an abundant availability of sweets in almost every locality of Canada, mainly of rural Punjabi quality, there was nothing available to satisfy the palate of the connoisseur.

With the art of sweet making, the quality and fine varieties and the trend towards preparation in desi ghee and upscale formulations back in India, the originator of fine sweets.

Then there were lavish parties and celebrations where the sweets to be distributed to the guests, friends and relatives were not of a quality that the host could be proud to give.

Even the attractive and fancy boxes that the sweets are packed in were designed and printed by the top designer and printer in New Delhi. You can select and purchase the items of sweets, namkeens and snacks at the counter, pre-order for pick-up or come in and enjoy the tasty snacks in our freshly decorated parlour.


Pure Ingredients

Aggarwal Sweets uses only pure ingredients of utmost quality in the preparation of our sweets.


Fine Delicacies

Suited to the palette of the connoisseur, our delicacies are made with pure desi ghee.

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